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In a universe of cubic planets, you're a colorless cube traveling from planets to planets to wipe out the evil colors from their faces.

Smash enemies standing in your way with your weapon arsenal to increase color powers and build up your Rage, then discharge it in a killing frenzy to annihilate their cubic war chiefs.


  • Select 3 weapons from your arsenal and combine each one with the color of your choice before you get started on a level
  • You can grapple walls to get through holes and traps such as lasers, and even grapple your enemies to send them flying or to carry them with you to delay the kill and optimize your combo potential.
  • Killing an enemy gives your character bonus points according to your current weapon's color, build up your bonus multiplicator and restart it's countdown.
  • Once your Rage meter is full, you can activate a killing frenzy for a short period of time

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This game looks promising, but is there a way to change the controls? i'd prefer to use WSAD instead of QZSD